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How to Buy Fresh Fruits

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Fruit Choose Avoid
Apples Firm texture, bright color, mature fruit Immaturity, overripeness, bruises, shriveled skin
Apricots Plump, juicy, with uniform color; fruit that yields to slight pressure Soft, mushy fruit (overripe); pale, greenish-yellow fruit (underripe)
Avocados Slightly soft, yields to gentle pressure Dark, sunken spots; cracked or broken surface
Bananas Firm, bright color, free from defects Fruit that is bruised or discolored, dull skin
Blueberries Dark blue with silvery bottom, plump, dry, free from defects Shriveled and discolored skin; brown, soft flesh
Cherries Bright color; plump, firm fruit Soft, spongy, shriveled or discolored fruit
Grapefruit Well-shaped, firm fruits; heavy for size Soft, discolored areas
Grapes Bright color, plump, firmly attached to stem Soft, wrinkled or leaking fruit
Lemons Bright color, smooth skin, heavy for size Dull color, shriveled skin, soft spots
Limes Glossy skin, heavy for size Dull, dry skin; soft spots
- Cataloupe and Persian Stemless, thick veining, yellowish rind, pleasant aroma Soft spots, bright yellow rind
- Honeydew Faint, pleasant aroma; pale yellow to creamy colored rind; slight softening at blossom end Dead white or greenish colored rind, overly hard fruit, soft areas
- Watermelon Smooth outer surface, rounded ends, bright flesh that is firm and juicy Pale colored flesh, dry or watery flesh
Oranges Bright color, heavy for size Lightweight; dry, dull skin; soft spots
Peaches Flesh that is still slightly firm or becoming soft, creamy ground color between red areas Very firm, greenish skin, soft bruised spots
Pears Firm flesh, color characteristic of variety Very hard, immature fruit, soft or bruised spots
Pinapples Pleasant aroma; slight separation of eyes; leaf easily removed from top; yellowish-orange color; plump, firm, heavy for size Dry, dull yellowish-green skin; bruises; soft spots; unpleasant odor
Plums Fairly firm to slightly soft, good color for variey Overly hard, overly soft, brown or shriveled areas
Raspberries and Blackberries Bright, uniform color; plump, tender cells Hard; irregular color; soft leaky fruit; no stems
Strawberries Bright red, firm flesh; dry; clean; cap attached Soft, moldy, large, seedy, uncolored spots
Tangerines Deep yellow-orange color, bright luster Pale, green skin; soft or cut spots